La Residenza dei Pucci


Residenza dei Pucci
Via dei Pucci n°9 50122 Firenze
Tel. +39 055 281886 - Fax. +39 055 264314 - P. IVA: 05018670488

Residenza dei Pucci

In the heart of Florence

The History:

The historic palace that houses the Bed and Breakfast Residenza dei Pucci underwent several evolutions over the centuries, and has been adapted to the needs of owners who have followed each other as well as to the requirements of the historical moment.

Built originally in the Middle Ages, its structure was remodelled on several occasions over the centuries until reaching its current layout.

During all these years, it has been used as the private house of a wealthy family; you may notice a balcony on the main facade, a symbol of wealth, and a fireplace still existing on the second floor, covered with black marble, which bears witness to a certain richness that, unfortunately, has gone lost over the centuries. In the 19th century, an open gallery was added on the top floor, to give the house a view of the Duomo and an opening to the outside, which was closed with glass walls in the last decades.

In the post-war period. It was divided into a series of small apartments reunited on the occasion of the general restructuring, which was made in 2001 to open the Bed & Breakfast, in which is respected the past was respect while trying to return to this beautiful building the importance it deserves.

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